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Giving Tuesday


Be a Superhero, Make a Donation and Make a Difference

Please consider a charitable contribution to provide educational resources to kids, their families, and our communities. Every tax deductible donation, large or small, will help to fund the development of physical activity books, digital Ebooks, parental magazines and resource guides which can educate, engage, and empower families, especially important in our new and eve-changing world.

ALL contributors will get their names below with their respective trophies.

Our Giving Tuesday Heroes

Blue Ribbon


YOU made a difference in changing the world for a child aged 4-8 learning about preparedness through physical activity books which teach skills which will last a lifetime! Lucky helps make security sense common sense and learning about fun.

*Gold Ribbon


YOU have made a significant difference in changing the world for kids and communities. Your donations will directly enable the development and distribution of educational materials such as Lucky's Preparedness Activity books and resources by our community partners!

**Platinum Ribbon

$1000 or more

YOU have changed the world for kids, their families and our communities in a profound way, making it possible to access learning materials and resources which not only educate but empower knowledge and the confidence to use it when confronted by issues ranging from bullying to countering human trafficking.

*All Gold level contributors will be recognized as as sponsor in an upcoming Parents With Preparedness magazine edition.

**All Platinum level contributors will receive a written tribute in an upcoming Parents With Preparedness magazine edition.

Tammy Waitt

Emotional Support Vehicle

Michael Struttmann, SIMS Software

Dyann Bradbury

Chloe Sexton

JR Hang

Bill and Angie Rendina

Mylene Harrod

Amber Bond

Tara Barber

Maria Nguyen

Dr. Kathleen Kiernan

Melanie Upright

Allan and Marie Martin

Beth Yochum

Deanee` Johnson 

James Von

Wendy Walsh

Diane Groomes

Charles Cavnor

Sylvia Brammer

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