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Risk and Response Education

Preparedness Without Paranoia® is a way of thinking what to do and how to do it when an ordinary day turns extraordinary. It means understanding what threat looks like and what to do when you see it.

The resiliency of any organization in a threatening situation depends on the extent to which its employees are prepared, confident, and capable of reacting appropriately and effectively. We find ourselves at the intersection of fact and fear, which means the need to develop a way to stay informed and have thoughtful conversations that extend from the classroom to the boardroom. Preparedness Without Paranoia® fosters an educated, engaged, and resilient public which requires education and community engagement. Our mission is to make a world a safer place.

Develop a preparedness mindset.

Enable action without hesitation.


Active Threat Readiness

Awareness:  The ability to recognize potential threats before they happen, and see risk factors that may lead to a dangerous incident or violent attack.

Preparedness:  Comprehensive planning and rehearsal for threats posed by fire, natural disasters, active shooters, or other instances of violence.

Response:  A series of actions taken by organizations and individuals in response to an ongoing active threat with the intent of saving lives and ending the threat.

Recovery:  A range of actions post event including medical care, work environment changes, change in response planning, temporary relocation during restoration, and organizational and community support in the process of healing.

Helping Prepare

PWP® has assembled an extraordinary team of training, security, and preparedness experts and offer a Preparedness Review approach to assist schools, hospitals, businesses, and organizations in navigating the myriad of security, emergency, and safety plans, regulations, compliance, and audit requirements.

The approach is not bound by a template or checklist, but rather by a tailored examination of existing conditions and potential vulnerabilities which could be disrupted.

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Corporate Partnerships

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