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The Intersection Between Fact and Fear

In 2020, the world changed in unexpected and mostly, unanticipated ways.  Schools were closed, sports were canceled and just about everything we understood and took for granted changed.  What did not change then or now is the need to have informed conversations about the threats to safety always, and the need to have access to resources that are easy to understand and easy to apply. Developing comprehensive plans for awareness, preparedness, response, and recovery are the first steps-based on knowledge not out of fear.


Preparedness Begins At Home

Access wonderful resources below to start those conversations!

Latest Editions

Fun in the Sun!

Celebrating the Joys of Summer Safely

As we enter the summer months, many families have started planning trips and activities, while others might be revisiting pre-planned itineraries. From long distance travel to day trips, here are a few things to consider while having fun in the sun.

Financial Literacy Volume 2

Navigating the Summer Season

With the school year behind us, Summer is a wonderful time to talk to your kids about money and how to use it effectively. A preparedness mindset and good money habits helps to create a firm foundation on the path towards financial literacy. The kind of learning that teaches lessons well beyond the classroom—with no homework!

Find the Joy: Through the Holidays and Always

Holiday travel, gift giving, online shopping safety, giving back, giving thanks to essential workers, and more.

The Strangers We Invite In Mini Resource Guide

Online sexual abuse is a problem that is not confined to the United States, one particular state, or one particular region. It is a global problem, and it will require a global commitment to solve it. This commitment begins with understanding the dimensionality of the issue and the means by which predators operate.

Special School Violence Mini Resource Guide

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines School Violence as “youth violence that occurs on school property, on the way to or from school or school-sponsored events, or during a school sponsored event. A young person can be a victim, a perpetrator, or a witness of school violence. School violence may also involve or impact adults.”

Special Bullying Mini Resource Guide

Bullying involves unwanted, aggressive behavior among children in school. Two things need to be present in order for it to be considered bullying: An imbalance in power and repetitive acts. There are three types of bullying according to

Current and Past Editions

Planning Always Matters

Build Your Own Family Preparedness Kit

Preparedness Always Matters

The Readiness Radar: The Calm Before the Storm

Cyber Preparedness Always Matters

3 Minutes to Preparedness: 6 Steps to Cyber Hygiene

Back to School Resource Guide

Safety Steps for Back to School Preparedness

Screens and Teens

An Electronic Safety Guide for Parents

Fall Preparedness

Summer in the Rearview Mirror

S.M.A.R.T. Money Moves for Kids

Financial Literacy for Kids

What I Learned This Summer

With Luck The Preparedness Dog


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Preparedness Videos for Kids

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Proper Mask Use
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