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Covid and School Safety


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PWPORG presents Parents With Preparedness Magazine edition three, a FREE digital magazine filled with commonsense strategies; powerful interviews, authoritative articles, life stories, and resources to inform the dialogue and share best practices about preparedness and resiliency for families and communities.  

New Superpowers!

Use your ABC Superpowers to learn preparedness.

From A Child’s Hand

There is no greater honor than showing respect for those who serve, especially when the gratitude comes from a child.  PWPORG thanks the Washington DC Police Foundation and Operation Gratitude for supporting all of our selfless First Responders and their families.

Make a Difference

Please consider a charitable contribution to provide educational resources to kids, their families, and their communities. Every donation will make a difference and all donations go towards developing new children’s books, parental resources, and educational content.


Lucky® Partners With The Washington DC Police Foundation

Mission Statement

To empower parents and children to invest in their own safety and security through education and community engagement.

Our Vision

We envision a connected world in which there is a common understanding of and a shared responsibility and accountability for protecting kids from threats to their safety.

Safety and Education

PWP® is designed to provide an easy to navigate, commonsense resource for preparedness and resilience education for individuals, families and organizations. Active learning means actual engagement and personal involvement in acquiring new knowledge and reinforcing that knowledge through activity. We help make security awareness commonsense, and its practice, a lifelong skill as automatic as fastening a seatbelt.

Spreading the Word

Just imagine if in a threatening situation, there were no strangers because everyone knew what to do and acted without hesitation. The world is complex and getting more complex seemingly by the minute in the pandemic era, where everything we thought we knew has changed. We designed this effort to help bring clarity, replace fear of the unknown with the confidence to learn and to adapt to a new kind of environment where living rooms became classrooms.

Getting Involved

Join us in PWPORG® to engage in defining and designing what the new or next normal will be. The redesign and the narrative which will surround it will require active engagement, investment in preparedness and resilience education and talking to our kids in a developmentally appropriate way, not around them. Our investment now will have generations of return if we get it right.

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“Have these discussions at home, at school, and with everyone you know about the shared responsibility to keep our children and our communities safe.  Make that Choice!”

My Highest Duty

Our highest duty as parents is to keep our kids safe.

A Life Worth Saving by Adam King